When you begin to act on your creativity, what you find inside may be more valuable than what you produce for the external world…

Eileen M. Clegg

Eileen Clegg is a visual journalist and founder of Visual Insight where she creates visual maps of ideas by bringing together her experience with journalism, and art, which is part of an evolving visual language. The maps are created in real time on 4 by 8 foot murals featuring a combination of strategic quotes and ancient symbols and convey the “gestalt” of a meeting.

Eileen Clegg was a daily news journalist for 20 years, has written numerous books, and articles, has been affiliated with Institute for the Future conducting research on learning since 1999.

She is co-author of “The Engelbart Hypothesis: Dialogs with Douglas Engelbart” with Valerie Landau in conversation with Douglas Engelbart.



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