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Art has more power when there is more of a person’s soul in it.

April 10, 2011

Kelly Borsheim

Art, like mathematics, is simply determining relationships between things. Kelly’s passion is the human form. Whether painting
from a live model or creating sculptures in stone or bronze, she is most interested in the more personal moments of our lives. She
is also fascinated by the duality of our nature, especially the idea that two opposing concepts exist in a strange kind of balance. The
tactile quality of sculpture allows her to explore coexisting opposites in an additional way: For example, she likes a soft curve in a
hard material. “I love it when people are drawn to one of my works and reach out to touch it, since touch is the most intimate and
universal sense we have”, says Kelly.

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1964 she was raised mostly in Florida before moving to central Texas in 1982. Although she obtained
her degree in English and mathematics, Kelly began her career in photographic industry and moved into image preservation in the
early 1990’s. As her skills progressed, she began to restore images of daguerreotypes that had degraded so much that critical
portions were missing. In 1992 she enrolled in a self-paced art school to create, for instance, a missing hand in a photo.

Learning to draw led to oil painting which led to the desire to “push” clay around. Once Kelly discovered sculpture, she knew she
had found her life’s passion.