The world becomes fresh and hopeful and new, when we create. ..

Lynda Lehmann

Colliding Orbs 2009

Artist Statement

My paintings are energetic and active, reflecting the intricacy and mutability of consciousness, as well as the impermanence of what we call “objective” reality. My work exhibits order within chaos, much as we experience layers of organization within all the complexity and disorder of both civilization and the natural world. While my appreciation for the structures of reality is expressed through the realism of a camera, my paintings are marked by passages of vibrant color, gesture, and rhythm. Realism reveals the universality that can be found within the confines of a single moment that is both temporal and fleeting. FORM, on the other hand, is eternal.

In my painting, I prefer the ambiguity, freedom and musicality of abstraction. I love working with bright colors, layering brush strokes on canvas and watching a counterpoint of motion, color and gesture emerge until a new VISUAL EXPERIENCE is born. For me the act of painting is like a dance that connects me to the mystery behind our shifting and evolving everyday reality.

I’ve shown my art in numerous juried and solo shows in the New York area. A complete list of group and solo shows is available upon request. If you’d like to read more of my thoughts on art, please visit my blog, Peripheral Vision. Or read my “Words, Not Pictures” Page on this site or my articles, including “Art and Power,” at Creativity Portal.



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