For anyone to dictate what is right or wrong in art, good or bad in art, is like telling us who we are, or should be.

Jane Freeman

Party Pair

” I was born and raised on a farm in western North Dakota where the prairie meets the sky. My parents had a cattle and wheat farm which is where I first became infatuated with light. Sunsets there in the summer can turn everything pink and gold and shadows are truely purple! My love for animals came from both my parents who took in all strays and showed such tenderness to them.

I graduated from the U. of North Dakota, was married and began raising two children . My husband and I have lived on a lake in northern Minnesota for 30 years and can’t imagine being any place else. We share our home with a cat, George, who was rescued from a fire and Gracie who is also a rescue and Millie our newest rescue a sweet freckled dog who is quickly winning our hearts. Everyday is an inspiration and a gift, even when it is 40 degrees below zero! I have a B.F.A. but had never worked in watercolors until 1989.

Being juried into a number of national and international shows has been exciting but even more exhilerating for me is being published in Splash 7, Splash 9, Watercolor Magic, International Artist Magazine, The American Artist Magazine and a book “How Did You Paint That” by International Artist Magazine. It is volume 2 of still life and florals. I have written a book for North Light which is entitled, “A Celebration of Light”.”



2 Responses to “For anyone to dictate what is right or wrong in art, good or bad in art, is like telling us who we are, or should be.”

  1. Sydney Crenwelge Says:

    Wow that is a great site.. I’m enjoying it.. good site

  2. Akilah Sowell Says:

    I found you entry interested do I’ve add a track to it on my blog

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