Don’t settle for yourself at your mediocre level.

Irwin Greenberg

Simplicity, symmetry and creating interest dimensionally across the picture plane are the trademarks of a Greenberg painting. Irwin Greenberg was born in Brooklyn in 1922. His watercolors have been widely exhibited in private and public shows, as well as in magazine and books. “Back at the beginning of time, when I was just a kid growing up, the area where I lived near Coney Island, was still open fields and farms with dirt roads. He was the youngest of the three sons of Phillip and Blanch Greenberg. By the time he was eleven years old, Phillip passed away and his mother was “a mother and father rolled into one body, who didn’t allow any fooling around.” He rarely got out of line as he had his mother and brothers to answer too. He loves his work because of “the feelings that art stirs in his mind as well as my heart”. His first sale was a drawing of his mother. He was able to get her to model for him in the kitchen and entered it in a school exhibition. It was purchased by one of his teachers, for about $35 dollars. It was about this time he decided to endeavor into the world of color. He had the thoughts that it would be “as easy as snapping my fingers”. But, upon trying it, found out it was more than he could handle at the time. He became disgusted and gave up because he was unsure of how much talent he really had.


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