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If art was defined simply by the ability to draw, then my inkjet printer would be a greater artist than Michelangelo.

June 3, 2010

Curtis Verdun

Cascade 2004

Curtis Verdun is a Louisiana artist working out of his studio on Bayou Lafourche in South Louisiana. Of the fondest memories during the artist’s early life, Verdun recalls Christmas of ’74. He was 12 years old then and one of the gifts his parents had given him was a Grumbacher oil painting set. Up to that point he had always been drawing and painting with whatever materials were available. This gift strengthened his desire to paint and he soon developed the uncanny ability to paint likenesses of people and at 13 he completed his first oil portrait commission. Oil portraits became his mainstay for many years. Commission clients since then have included universities, churches and other businesses as well as individual collectors of fine art.