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Vision is the true creative rhythm.

April 21, 2009

Robert Delaunay

Eiffel Tower with Trees, 1910

Although trained in fine arts in Paris, Delaunay worked in set design before beginning his painting career in 1905. He found his initial influences in the Neo-Impressionists, but gradually moved on to join Der Blaue Reiter in 1911. His Paris cityscapes began to take on a distinctive style that studied the effect of contrasting color patterning. Delaunay’s unique method spurred friend and poet, Guillaume Apollinaire, to place his paintings in a new movement, which he called Orphism. Later in his career, Delaunay reverted back to theatre design, often collaborating with his wife, Sonia. Delaunay’s original approach to color and arrangement of forms encouraged the development of abstract art in the 1920’s.