If I wasn’t an artist I wouldnt be me

Happy Birthday Manksy

Manksy doesn’t like being labeled a post-feminist or political artist. Looking through the titles of her works, such as the Nipple Series and Politics and Porn, and her body prints, it is understandable how art critics might tend to categorize her.
But because she has made a wide range of artwork and worked at different careers, it is hard to pin Manksy down. She experiments
with different mediums the same way she jumps into different jobs. She has worked with oils, paper, plastics, light, photographs, and
poetry. And she has worked as a designer, artist, teacher, curator, and program coordinator. She is always trying something new.
“I think that I’m just honest,” she said, surrounded by an assortment of her work Saturday morning. “I always read my reviews, and they’re always wrong,” she said.
Manksy had that freedom while growing up in an artistic family in New York City. There were musicians, fashion designers, and
artists on both her mother’s and father’s sides. Her grandfather invented the electric accordion. Three of her four brothers were
She earned a bachelor’s degree in fashion design and construction and went on to work for designers such as Patricia Field, who is best
known for Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe on the television series “Sex and the City.” She also created pieces for Cyndi Lauper, designed
costumes for the movie director Michael Mann, and assisted the fashion designer Mary McFadden.
It was in 1998 that she picked up her paintbrush. She had just earned a second bachelor’s degree, in postmodern art theory and criticism. “I realized that art didn’t have to be pretty to be art,” she said.
In 1999, she began incorporating words and phrases in her work.
“I like being all over the place.”


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